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Our Training encompasses a wide range of courses to support you in developing a successful training program for your employees.

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To leverage invested capital in machinery and equipment, it is essential that an organization continuously invests in its people to increase efficiency and productivity. SKF training solutions offers a comprehensive suite of reliability and maintenance training courses designed to help plants reduce machinery problems and achieve maximum reliability and productivity. Our courses focus on enhancing the efficiency of plant machinery and equipment assets, which are integral to the production process.The training courses are based on over a century of experience and knowledge in rotating machine reliability that is unmatched in the world. With close working partnerships,established over the years, we have gained a unique insight into the processes and challenges that most major industry faces today.

Our partnerships with global certification councils along with educational institutions in India will empower your staff with knowledge of emerging technologies in the field of engineering, especially concerning rotating equipment management. With exhaustive training sessions that involve ‘hands-on’learning experience, your employees will be equipped with SKF knowledge that enables them to become highly skilled technician sadding value to your business.

Please refer to this calendar that will give you all the information on this year’s courses and do connect with us to deploy them for you teams.We wish you an enjoyable learning experience!

SKF Training Solutions

SKF India Limited

Knowledge is increased productivity.

Knowledge is power. But at SKF India,knowledge traverses this definition. Knowledge for us is the empowerment of your production and maintenance force to deliver greater machine reliability and increased up time.To help you achieve this, is the objective of Training Solutions that offers a series of comprehensive training courses.

Every course from SKF Training Solutions is designed to address a specific machine problem or a maintenance issue and helps you address it with confidence. The courses cover diverse areas ranging from core topics such as bearing fundamentals and lubrication to those involving the use of sophisticated diagnostic instruments such as Micrologs, etc. SKF Training Solutions’ training series is the only comprehensive program that offers a 360º perspective on the relevant technical and managerial issues across the hierarchy of anengineering company.

SKF Training Solutions

The SKF Training series is a path-breaking initiative that has been designed with the objective of creating value for the customer’s business by contributing to the development of their people resources through in-depth training programs. The Institute offers courses designed to help plants eliminate machinery problems, and maximize reliability and productivity, by utilizing the very latest inprecision maintenance techniques.

Residential courses at SKF Training Solutions, Pune

A lot goes into the making of a world-class training facility, which is evident from the car with which the SKF Training Solutions is built.All SKF Training Solutions courses are conducted by professionals with extensive experience in related fields. The Institute is established in an environment that is extremely conducive to learning. Located in the lush green campus of SKF India’s Pune plant at Chinchwad, the Institute offers spacious class rooms, latest information display arena and a knowledge centre with state-of-the-art learning facilities. It also houses a 68-bed modern residential facility, are creation centre and a well-equipped gymnasium to ensure a comfortable stay for the participants.

Benefits of training

Eliminates re-work and machinery problems to increase reliability and productivity

Helps prevent catastrophic failures before they happen by identifying the early symptoms

Minimizes repeated failures by addressing the root causes

Enhances plant safety

Improves job satisfaction

Aids in the recruiting process by making the company more attractive in the eyes of potential employees.

Reduces turnover as employees are less likely to leave if they keep learning new skills and keep up within their industry

Increases employee productivity by teaching them advanced techniques to complete everyday tasks more efficiently

Rewards long-time employees who have learned new skills and are ready to take on new challenge.

Reduces the need for employee supervision.